Interview with Erica

Listen to this 30-minute interview as Erica explains Organizational Development, moving from Dysfunction to High Performing Teams, Crunchy Conversations and Navigating Conflict…and stay till the end as she shares her journey managing change and as a single mother:  

Is Emotional Intelligence all it’s ramped up to be?

Over the last year – when Covid hit us all in March 2020, I noticed an increase in client requests for the EQ 2.0 (Emotional Quotient) assessment and the EQ 2.0 360, whereby individuals self-assess and receive feedback on the categories from their manager, peers, direct reports and others. Although this has primarily been requested […]

Leading in the Unknown – Adaptive Leadership

Recently I came across an article about Liminal Leadership – defined as unsettled moments in change, and the between of the changed and unchanged or familiar and unfamiliar. With terms emerging such as ‘Disruption’ (i.e., industry takeovers such as Uber with the taxi industry and Amazon with Whole Foods), ‘VUCA’ (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity) […]

Our Future of Work: Leading our Next Generation

I’ve been asked to deliver numerous workshops in the past year focused on helping leaders who are seeking to understand the younger generation, so they can lead and work with them more effectively. Many of the leaders I’ve been coaching have voiced their struggles with Millennials. It is my perspective that many of us from […]

Leadership – What’s Your Impact?

Over the years, I’ve encountered a few too many leaders negatively impacting those they lead. These leaders often do not recognize their impact on their employees in terms of contributing to disengagement, lower morale and, in some cases, employees’ wish to (and some choosing to) leave. I’ve also been fortunate to experience the other side […]

Navigating the Storm – Building Team

For those who may not be aware of the stages of team development, let me share my personal experience with the more challenging stage called Storming.  This is the stage that follows Forming (when a team forms, roles and processes can be unclear) and leads to Norming (where relationships and processes become clear and team process […]

Consciously Creating Purpose & Meaning at Work

I’ve been reflecting upon my recent blogs on Laloux’s “Reinventing Organizations” and the the idea of bringing our whole selves to work (emotionally, spiritually, and intuitively) and, my personal blog co-written with my twin sister about what keeps us from revealing our true selves. My query is about how we can encourage organizations to foster […]

Organizational Culture and Organizational Life – Hope for the Future

In the book Reinventing Organizations by Frederic Laloux, we discover a new way of creating and relating to organizations as living entities, and a call for us to bring a spiritual, soulful and conscious mindset to how we work in and interact with organizations. Ultimately, we are positively influencing organizational cultures and our stakeholders’ experiences […]


It seems like every leader today is advocating for more innovation in their organization. That being said, a research study at my son’s high school found that students are extremely cautious and make “safe” choices in order to position themselves as quality candidates for University selection. I discussed this with the principal of the school […]