organizational culture

Client Challenge (Organization: 150 staff)
  • High turnover.
  • Concerns regarding gender inequity (lack of female promotions to leadership positions).
  • Low morale.
  • Initiated a Listening Exercise (43 hours of focus groups and 1:1 interviews) with the organization, including those who exited in the past year.
  • Report with Findings and four Recommended Focus Areas shared with both the leadership and with the organization.
  • Engagement of the leadership and staff to contribute to creating their culture by identifying and defining their organizational values, creating a department vision and addressing staff’s lingering concerns.
  • Micro (leadership-level) and macro (staff) engagements.
Specifically interventions involved:
  • Leadership programs to develop effective communicating skills.
  • Ensuring leader sponsorship and sustainment of the culture change.
  • Team development, coaching, strategic mindset, and staff development.
  • Culture work was spear-headed through a strategic visioning process (a declaration of desired culture) with leaders and some staff, and a values creation exercise with staff members’ input – identifying and defining one value each month.
  • Culture ambassador grass roots movement.
  • Quantitative evaluation at six months.
  • Qualitative evaluation (listening exercise) at 12 months.
  • Staff empowered and encouraged to voice their concerns.
  • Staff felt they were equal contributors to shaping their department culture.
  • Improved optimistic view of their future.
  • Improved leadership and communication / conflict resolution skills.
  • Increased trust.
  • Staff’s increased confidence in leadership.
  • Greater sense of connection & community.
  • Higher team performance.