Emotional Intelligence & the Power of 360 Feedback Process

Client Challenge (Organization: 340 staff)

As part of a comprehensive Leadership Program with a leadership team, a subset of the program was customized for the Executive team including EQ 2.0TM self-assessment.  The overall team results indicated they possessed lower EQ in Empathy and higher (EQ in) Optimism.

This result indicated that some leaders may unintentionally negatively impact their leaders due to their positive view coupled with their inability to easily understand others’ challenges.


A customized approach was developed to support the Executive team to effectively sponsor and demonstrate the leadership EQ skills with their direct reports.

  • Customized Executive team sessions on Organizational Culture and Emotional Intelligence with a focus on building empathy.
  • As the year progressed, offered a customized session on Psychological Safety which honed in on the leader’s responsibility to foster trust and safety was offered to the Executive team.
  • This was subsequently followed up with each Executive team member participating in the same EQ assessment they had done a year prior – but this time as a 360 EQ 2.0TM in which they obtained quantitative and qualitative feedback from their boss, their direct reports, their peers and key stakeholders that they selected. Each executive received individual debriefs with the TPS Consulting coach and developed an action plan to enhance their emotional intelligence.
  • The CEO incorporated a key model taught in the Culture Session in its upcoming Board White Paper.
  • As a result of receiving qualitative and quantitative feedback from their EQ 2.0 360TM, one of the Executive team members demonstrated authentic accountability, vulnerability and significantly improved their empathy and listening skills. (CEO and VP HR both noted the significant behaviour change.)

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