Change & Engagement

Client Challenge (organization: 20,000 staff serving 1.9 million people in 20 diverse communities)

In British Columbia, this 20,000 employee health authority provides community, acute and residential care services across the region.

The Home Health Program provides healthcare services at clients’ homes.  The program encountered these key challenges:

  • Fastest growing region in the province with limited additional funding from the Ministry of Health.
  • Projections of population increasing in this region, particularly with the elderly.
  • A need to redefine and provide services with limited resources.



Facilitation of a complex adaptive change approach with the Home Health senior leadership team to define the change and determine the approach to lead this significant change.

The Executive Director was very clear in her articulation that “our clothes don’t fit anymore…we need a new wardrobe”.

Process involved ongoing facilitated conversations to define the compelling case for this change and how to navigate this change given the significant disruption to its services.


  • Facilitated conversations and visioning with the Executive team to define the need and vision for what a different home health program could look like.
  • PMO group was engaged once the change was clearly defined, to allow for enough innovation time to determine what the future state of Home Health services could be.


  • A defined and achievable innovative future state for Home Health services.
  • This Home Health newly defined Program became the leading pioneer to spearhead and become the template other health authorities across the Province could model itself after.