Conflict Resolution

Client challenge (organization:  30 staff)

A Board of Directors for a Construction Company (including CEO, VP, Investor/Director) were trying to move forward with strategic planning but were stuck due to a long-standing conflict between the investor and CEO/VP.

There were legitimate historical issues contributing to the conflict. They were at an impasse and could not engage effectively to undertake the strategic planning process.



We conducted two brief virtual engagements with the Board members.  To prepare the team for these conversations over Zoom (during Covid), a discovery was conducted with confidential 1:1 interviews with each board member to shape the design for dialogue.


  • Pre-work (readings, reflection and videos) was assigned to prepare the participants for the dialogue that would ensue.
  • Conversations occurred with the CEO to set expectations for success re: focus and desired outcomes.
  • In advance of the first conflict resolution meeting, alignment was built with the Board Chair to secure their assistance to provide business acumen expertise if required.
  • Sessions were conducted with those involved in the conflict as well as reflection-work between the two sessions.


  • Within a day of the second session, feedback from the Board Chair was that there was a positive shift with the interaction amongst the Board, demonstrated by the email exchange that ensued between the CEO and Investor/Director.
  • Ultimately, the Board was ready to engage in the strategic planning process.

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