leadership development

Client Challenge (organization:  130+ staff)

After working with the Executive and Senior Leadership team for 18 months, (needs assessment followed by on-going leadership team-building and formal leadership development), it became apparent that the opportunity to effectively influence the cultural challenge between their technology and sales – was to offer a cross-leadership program for the directors.


  • Engaging and obtaining executive sponsorship to offer a customized Leadership Program to the director level.


  • Six-month formal Leadership Program combined with an Action Learning Project to bring ROI back to the organization through research findings and recommendations.


  • Several of the leaders who participated in the program have elevated to more senior positions.
  • The barriers between the sales and technology leaders dissolved/disappeared.
  • Higher collaboration and improved team performance.
  • Participants wowed Executive through their Action Learning Project – bringing not only their findings but recommendations to shape the culture of the organization whilst preserving the gems that have worked so well.
  • Adapting to the projected growth and agility they anticipated.