World Café Structure: Setting One Up


The tables will be set up with a stated topic/question. You determine how many topics – this is dependent upon how much time you have, the conversations you are hoping participants to engage in and the number of people you expect to participate. You will invite prior to the session, a host per topic to […]

Peter Block’s Questions: The Answer to How is Yes

Sun Field

Use these questions to guide a group or to reflect on your own when exploring a challenge or situation in which you and your team require movement – to get further ahead. Ownership: How valuable an experience (or project) do you plan this to be? How much risk are you willing to take? How participative […]

The Organizational Culture Profile: An Organizational Culture Assessment

Based on Cameron & Quinn’s “Diagnosing and Changing Organizational Culture”: What Culture Are You?  What’s Your Desired Culture? The Clan Culture A very friendly place to work where people share a lot of themselves. It is like an extended family. The leaders, or the heads of the organization, are considered to be mentors and perhaps even […]